Valuation of Fractional Interests

Bedrock Valuation & Consulting Services Corp. is uniquely qualified to value undivided partial or fractional interests in real estate holding entities (Family Limited Partnerships, Partnerships, Limited Liabilities Companies, Closely-held Corporations, and Tenancy in Common) andthe underlying real estateholdingsof these primarily real estate assets holding entities.

Understanding the valuation of the underlying real estate asset(s) is critically important in the valuation of undivided partial interests in partnerships and tenancies in common whose assets consist of only or mainly real estate. Some critical inputs in the valuation of partnerships, limited liability companies, and common tenancies should be contained in real property appraisal reports. However, this is not always the case. Our backgrounds in business and real property valuations make us uniquely qualified to both value the real property as well as the associated undivided partial interests in their ownership entities.To ensure thatinputsutilized in the appraisal of the underlying real property which are necessary for the valuation of a partial interest in the real estate holding entity are consistent, we work closely with the real property appraiser engaged to appraise the real property.

We provide valuation of undivided partial or fractional interests in:

  • Partnership
  • Family Limited Partnership
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Common Tenancy

To support:

  • Gift Tax Planning
    • Estate Tax
    • Buy-Sell Agreements